Abu Dhabi will become the New MotoGP circuit in 2013

Abu Dhabi expressed readiness to hold a MotoGP race in 2013. Facilities at the Yas Marina circuit already qualified and just waiting for the competent authorities give to their race schedule.

After the last two seasons into a quick race 'Jet Land', Yas Marina Circuit getting seriously intend to host MotoGP title. This was revealed by the circuit boss Richard Cregan, November ago.

Yas Marina circuit when it was criticized because of not providing enough space to overtake your opponent. Cregan said that improvements continue to be done for the sake tersajinya exciting races there.

In subsequent developments, Cregan said that the Yas Marina Circuit is ready to deploy only MotoGP and just wait for the determination of time from the competent authority.

"We are actively discussing with MotoGP as we already said before. The decision will be at most we could hold a MotoGP race in 2012 or 2013," Cregan said as quoted by the online media United Arab Emirates, The National, Tuesday (04/07/2011) .

Cregan says it wants to hold a MotoGP in 2013. Because so far this year and next year, they still have another agenda as well as develop racing school drag race mat.

"Honestly, we target the MotoGP season 2013. Period of time that gave us 'breathing room' for the activities we've started to like school and also drag race racing, as well as licensing NHRA (National Hod Rod Association)."

"The activities were well underway. We need more time to develop activities earlier, and then in 2013 we were able to hold a MotoGP. Ideally like that," he finished.

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