Fries may trigger cancer, if cook it wrong

Snacks most enjoyable when you're visiting the outlets are fast food restaurants fries or french fries. When you're relaxing or chatting for example, fries makes the atmosphere so much enjoy. But beware, small fries that can trigger cancer.

Cancer itself has many triggers, can be caused by radiation, chemicals to food intake such as chips. It's not just any fries that makes cancer risk. At risk are the types that are often served in fast food restaurants.

From the results of recent research, a variety of fries fast food outlets is greatest karsinogeniknya chemical ingredients. To be preserved, frozen fries mostly fried first and when it will be presented. As a result, crunchy on the outside but still raw inside.

This cooking process was found to affect the amount of acrylamide, which is a substance that is alleged to be carcinogenic. According to scientists from the American Chemical Association, these substances are contained in the chips fried frozen when served. Acrylamide is a substance naturally found in many foods, including potatoes.

"The process includes the selection of french fries and potato sorting, bleaching, blanching, augmentation sugar, drying, frying and freezing. With a combination of cooking techniques, the resulting colors, textures and flavors that consumers want on the fries," said Donald Mottram, as reported by the Telegraph , Friday (09/28/2012).

In a report published the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Mottram added that acrylamide is formed naturally during the cooking of food products, but the formation of acrylamide in French fries could have been avoided.

From measurements acylamide, amino acids, sugars, fats and other substances that vary during the cooking process, Mottram found that the most effective way to reduce acrylamide is reduced ratio of fructose to glucose after cut potatoes to make chips.

"To minimize the amount of acrylamide in French fries, it is important to understand the impact of each stage of the formation of acrylamide. We developed a mathematical model based on chemical reaction pathways as pan and incorporate differences in humidity and temperature fries," says Mottram.

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