Nano Spider, Robot Destroyer Cancer From In the Body

Scientists have created a microscopic robot from DNA molecules that can walk, turn and even create products in their own small nano-scale assembly line.

Revolutionary device described in the journal Nature this in the future is expected to lead a robot army surgeon who clean human arteries or build a computer component in it.

Reported the Daily Mail, one of the supporters of this project from New York's Columbia University has even developed a robot spider measuring 4 nanometers, or about 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of human hair.

Spider robot is expected to walk along the path of DNA. By using the groove in accordance with the sequence, the robot can be made to walk, turn left or right according groove of DNA strands.

The body of this robot consists of a protein called streptavidin. Attached to her leg three 'enzymatic DNA' single strand binding and fourth legs are the pieces that bring the spider to the starting point.

"Once the robot is released from the trigger, then he will tie and then cut the strands of DNA," says Milan Stojanovic as the head of the project team. After the string is cut, the robot legs began to gain line and DNA matching. with this, the robot is guided into the path set by the researcher.

To view the robot is moving, the researchers used an atomic force microscope. Amazingly, this robot can record signs of illness on the cell surface, determine the cells are the cancer, destroying cancer cells and even robots that can provide compounds to kill him.

Apparently 'DNA walk' has been developed since the first, but they never achieved success it is today. "The robot can walk up to 100 nanometers or about 50 steps," said Professor Yan from Arizona State University.

"This is the first nano-machine system used to perform the operation. An important advance in the evolution of DNA technology," said Lloyd Smith of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Nearly 6 billion pounds invested in research and development of nano products worldwide

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