Boxing Champion Shot Because Protect His daughter

South African police has yet to arrest suspects attempted robbery and shooting that killed former world heavyweight boxing champion, Corrie Sanders.

Sanders died after being shot in a big family birthday party in Pretoria last week. He was rushed to the hospital in an injured, but later died of his injuries are.

Eyewitnesses said Sanders suffered severe injuries Luda on this part of the hand and stomach as robbers hit. At that Sanders was dropped to protect a teenage daughter who was shocked and frightened by the incident very quickly.

But Sanders's death then raises the political aftermath. A member of the opposition party demanded the authorities to conduct penyelididkan of the event.

Jack Bloom of the Democratic Alliance called Sanders lives could have been saved if not rejected by Steven Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria. He then got perawatanadi Kalahong hospital does have a bad reputation in patient care.

According to Bloom, the hospital refused to treat Biko Steven Sanders on the grounds of the shooting took place outside of Pretoria. "There is a possibility sanders lives could have been saved if he had received medical treatment specialist at Steve Biko than Kalahong hospital that does have a bad reputation," said Bloom.

He regretted the attitude of Steve Biko hospital management who refused to dying patients by reason of the incident area. The hospital has not commented on this incident. But the hospital refused Sanders reportedly because he did not have health insurance.

Sanders out as world heavyweight boxing champion by beating Wladimir Klitschko fall when the title race in Germany in 2003. He then lost his title after losing to Wladimir's brother, Vitali Klitschko in Los Angeles in 2004.

source : kompas

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