Pacquiao Defeat Mosley

Successful boxer Manny Pacquiao beat Shane Mosley after winning numbers 120-107, 118-108, and 119-108 in defense of his WBO title middle class.

Throughout the fight, the boxer from the Philippines continues to dominate with continued menrangsek to Mosley's defense that has been aged 39 years. Pacman even had time to create a boxer from the United States fell in the third round when Pacquiao landed a one-two punch combo to the face of Mosley.

Pacquiao had also fallen in the seventh round, although he fell was not visible because of a blow, but the referee still counting. However, after, 32-year-old boxer even more ferocious and continued to attack the defense in this fight Mosley is quite tight.

In order to maintain unbeaten record knockouts, Mosley seems to be more play by keeping the distance with Pacquiao who tend aggressive.

With this victory, reinforces the dominance of middle-class Pacquiao in boxing, he himself had previously been successfully champion with nine different classes that make he was named the boxer pound for pound.

Here is the assessment of the jury for the victory Pacquiao: Glenn Trowbridge (119-108), Dave Moretti (120-108) and Duane Ford (120-107) Pacquiao wins over Mosley's absolute.


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