Barcelona Solid on Top

Barcelona moved closer to League title BBVA achievement. On the 35th Jornada, El Barca win success in the Catalan derby against Espanyol on Sunday (8 / 5).

Real Madrid's victory a day before the match, making a direct Barcelona appear to attack. The best squad was still carried by coach Josep Guardiola. Maybe, just minus Carles Puyol, and two left-back was injured.

The flow of a two-touch ball back into a weapon Xavi Hernandez et al. Espanyol stronghold visible only focus close up defense lines.

After a golden chance from David Villa or Andres Iniesta still failed to lead to goals, the public cheered the Camp Nou in the 29th minute. Second chance Iniesta successfully produced the opening goal of the fight. Individual action from the left side, followed hard kick directed into the top corner who could not be stopped goalkeeper Carlos Kameni.

After winning, the players looked relaxed in a play Barcelona. They drain the ball patiently to each line. Barcelona seems to want to destroy the Espanyol defense with deadly breakthrough bait tactics.

However, Espanyol are aware of these patterns directly put a lot of players in the middle row defense. So at halftime, just a lot of groove ball in midfield game with control of Barcelona.

In the second half of the match, the situation has not changed. Even three minutes after the second round begins Blaugrana able to double the advantage. Gerard Pique's header rattled the nets Espanyol success.

There is no longer a goal that is created, Barcelona finally won the Catalan derby with a score of 2-1. These results are clearly beneficial. The problem, now Barcelona remained within eight points with Real Madrid. With three games remaining, score a point already made Barcelona emerged as champions League BBVA.


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