Wise Tips Overcome Insomnia

Anyone would be annoyed if you have trouble sleeping. Sleep disturbance or insomnia it can disrupt the body's cycle. Even prolonged insomnia can trigger depression.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by symptoms such as always feel exhausted and tired all day and continuously (more than ten days) had difficulty sleeping. Or the patient is often awakened in the middle of the night and can not go back to sleep. Often the patient woke up earlier than wanted and can not go back to sleep.

"Like millions of other Americans who have problems with insomnia. I often have problems with insomnia, both can not fall asleep, or wake up prematurely and I could not go back to sleep. Some of the following sleep tips gathered from various sources, can help other people with insomnia , "explains Simeon Margolis, MD, PhD. Nutrition for Health Professionals section.

Well, when you include people with insomnia, which was launched following a few tips on Yahoo Health, Sunday (03/07/2011) can help people with insomnia to sleep immediately fell asleep.

1. Only use the bed for sleeping, but not for reading, doing paperwork, watching television, a snack or make a phone call.

2. If you've been lying in bed, but the sleep you did not come, try some of these techniques: Counting sheep or counting backward from 100 (one of my favorites) to stop yourself from thinking about the various problems yesterday or tomorrow. After that, breathe deeply for a few seconds in depth, lasting a few seconds, then exhale. Or you can also see some point in your room carefully, so that the eyes were tired and sleep will soon be ambushed.

3. If you can not sleep after lying in bed for 30 minutes or more, what to do? Try to read something really boring, familiar routine of the day sleeping normally, or faster than the previous hour.

4. Before bed you should avoid tobacco and beverages containing caffeine (not just coffee, but other beverages such as tea and soft drinks).

5. Avoid alcohol before bed. When drinking might make you think can immediately give a sense of sleepiness was not right. Since you can get to sleep and then wake up and it is difficult to go back to sleep because of the effects of alcohol are consumed. Conversely, if you choose to dinner several hours before bedtime, is more appropriate solution. The reason is, eat a few hours before bedtime can make sleep seem asleep.

6. Avoid sleeping in front of the television, and try to get up at the same time each day instead of sleeping in on weekends. Exercise every day to sleep and wake at the same hour in order to train your adrenaline.

7. Buy mattress and design your bedroom well ventilated and set the temperature that makes you fast asleep.

8. You can also try some other ways, including: a hot shower, enjoy a glass of warm milk, eat a snack before bed, massaging each other with pasangat or listening to classical music

9. Use earplugs if you include people who can not sleep when they hear the noise.

10. If you have joint pain or headaches, take sleeping pills before bed (but be sure not contain caffeine).

If all the above tips have been done, but still suffer from insomnia. Ask your doctor to ensure basic health problems (such as depression, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) that trigger you to stay awake. So, you can request one of several types of prescription sleeping pills that can be consumed for the short term.


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