Safe Sex Methods for Pregnant Women

Not a few women who become pregnant have concerns during lovemaking. Though sex during pregnancy is safe to do so you know what to watch.

According to experts, sex wolipop, Doctors Vanda Mustika, when a woman is pregnant, the hormonal conditions change dramatically. It was because of the hormones that increase during pregnancy.

The addition of this hormone causes pregnant women to increase libido. Usually libido starts to rise in the second trimester, which is entering the fourth or fifth month.

"Sexual intercourse is safe during pregnancy long as there is no problem in the pregnancy," said dr. Vanda.

Problem pregnancies referred by dr. Vanda for example, pregnancy is accompanied by bleeding, pregnancy is accompanied by the birth canal infections such as vaginal discharge infection, or pregnancy with maternal health conditions that are less well as heart disease or high blood pressure.

Even so, pregnant women who do not have a problem pregnancy, also need to consider several things before having sex with a partner. The first is sexual relations conducted in the first months of pregnancy. In the first months of pregnancy is still very vulnerable, therefore, committed sexual relationships should not be too aggressive.

"The penetration of the penis should not be too deep, especially if the mother ever issued spots of bleeding after sexual intercourse," said dr. Vanda.

After passing the first trimester, pregnant women may feel more comfortable to have sex. Why? Because according to dr. Vanda, sexual relations conducted in the second trimester, between fourth to sixth months are considered safe to do so. In this trimester, pregnancy is also more stable.

How current is the third trimester or after the seventh month? Before you answer, first, you must understand semen contains a substance called prostaglandin, a substance is one of the inflammatory mediators. Prostaglandins can cause a reaction in the form of a uterine contraction.

Therefore, late-late pregnancy, if you want better sex using condoms to prevent direct contact of sperm with cervical fluid. Toward the estimated day of delivery, a new sexual relationship can be done without a safety. Sexual intercourse is also useful to facilitate the birth process in the presence of good uterine contractions.

For sex positions while pregnant, the recommended position is not pressing the womb / mother's abdomen. Pregnant women and their partners have sex with a sideways position, from the back, or woman on top.


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