4 Causes of Women Having an Affair

Men and infidelity are common problems. However, it does not mean women do not do it, even the recent case of the woman who cheated on has increased.

It is based on a study conducted Coffee & Company. Matchmaking in the UK was surveyed 3,000 men and women. The result of nearly 20 percent of women admitted the affair.

Another study conducted by the site Askmen.com. In a study titled 'Great Male Survey 2010' and 'Great Male Survey 2010' found that 5 percent of women cheat on their partners. While only 3 percent of men who admitted having an affair.

Why today more women are unfaithful in their relationship? iVillage reported, there are four reasons for the surprising cause of female adultery.

Stress release
Not a few women who have affairs because of domestic problems and they become stressed. "Affair into stress relievers, sensation seeking and 'treat' yourself," said Alisa Bowman, author of 'Project: Happily Ever After: Saving Your Marriage When the Fairytale Falters'.

Ruth Houston, infidelity expert and founder of InfidelityAdvice.com site explains, women usually cheat because they have problems with their partner. However, if the problem is ignored by the couple, the woman will look for another man.

"Initially the woman will usually try to tell their partner if there is a problem. If he fails to address the problem and ignored it, women can have an affair because they feel no other choice," explained Houston.

To Preheat Relations
Each partner may feel bored in a relationship. To resurrect the good times such as at the beginning of a relationship, not infrequently a woman mencar for trouble to a conflict. After the conflict can be reconciled with the couple usually becomes warmer.

"Freedom from quarrels not necessarily be in a strong relationship. Conflict creates passion," says psychologist Bonnie Weil, author of "Adultery: The Forgivable Sin '.

Want Separated from couples
Usually a woman having an affair because he wanted to split from partner. Especially for a mother. Separated from her husband is not easy and the haunting sense of guilt in children. If it is caught having an affair is usually a man would decide to end the relationship.

Sure enough, Houston explained, a man hard to forgive a cheating wife and the choose the breakup than give him a chance. "Men are not intolerant and unforgiving when the wife had an affair," he explained.

Bored with Sex Life
Married couples sex life can seem boring and bland. This may be the reason she desires to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

"Sometimes a woman having an affair because there is no more spontaneity in sexual relations," said Seth Meyers, Psychologist in Los Angeles and author of 'Dr. Seth's Love Prescription '

"The desire for frequent sex with different men could trigger a woman, especially a young woman for cheating. Normally women aged 20 or younger woman having an affair because they're curious to try sex with another man not her husband," added Meyers.


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