Humea, Little Planet is Covered with Ice

Haumea, odd-shaped dwarf planet, and at least one of the two months he had thought to contain ice.

With a size of 1960 square kilometers wide, oval-shaped planet is the fifth dwarf planet of our sun belongs identified. The planet is 35 times farther than the distance of the Sun to the Earth has a weight of one-third the mass of Pluto.

Equally around the Sun, the planet's orbit around the Kuiper belt, just behind Pluto. The form is oval may be exacerbated by very rapid rotation period that is 3.9 hours.

He was first discovered in 2003 by a group of astronomers at the Cerro Tololo United States Inter-American Observatory. Initially he was named 2003 EL61, before replacement becomes Haumea, the name of a goddess who symbolizes fertility Hawaii residents.


Unlike other objects in the Kuiper belt, Haumea is composed of a mixture of ice and rock in the number of draws, but a crust of ice that blanketed the rocky interior


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