Painting in Water

 Do you know??

Painting techniques in the water has actually been discovered since 15 years ago, they are the artists who are experts in Arabic calligraphy. Well, recently in China, an artist has demonstrated again about how to paint in water. Artists from China, Zhu Shenghi, from Xi'an, Shaanxi Province of China, and then develop a unique way of painting on water.

The trick is quite simple, ie, using fine tools and naphtha (a type of chemicals), he painted all sorts of fantastic shapes on the surface of the water, but water is not actually a real canvas. After she finished designing a painting, Zhu put a piece of paper that absorbs the paint from the surface of the water, so it becomes an ordinary painting equipment untouched by paint.

Would you like to know?? It's cool that he had the appearance of paintings he painted along the process:



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