Transformer (Tx), Advanced Flying Car U.S. Military

U.S. military technology development institute or The Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) will soon launch a program of making a flying car called the Transformer (TX).

As reported Livescience.com pages, military flying car is expected to start airing in 2015.

Cars that can carry four soldiers could be on the air like an airplane, or can go on the road with capabilities such as an SUV (sports utility vehicle).

These vehicles can roam 250 miles with only one tank of fuel. Remarkably, these vehicles do not need a runway to fly.

DARPA, a part of the United States Department of Defense in charge mengekspolorasi futuristic technology for military applications, today held a scientific workshop and received a proposal to develop a prototype of this flying car. The deadline for proposals until May 27, 2010.

With the Transformer (TX), U.S. troops will be able to avoid the threats that are commonly encountered in combat, such as ambushes and explosive mines that were installed to block the road.

DARPA will also test the TX with various skrenario such as demonstrations, riots, insurgency, counter-intelligence, medical evacuation, and supply logistics.

TX imagined DARPA is the four-passenger car, can carry a payload of 1,000 pounds, can run on any surface seterjal like SUVs, but it can quickly take off vertically (VTOL).

TX flying car must also be able to fly at altitudes of 10,000 feet. TX in the air is a single-engine aircraft like Cessna or Piper. TX may change rapidly from a car on a terrestrial plane.

Cars fly, TX must also consider the safety and comfort of the passengers. Of course, should be equipped with brakes.

DARPA wants the TX has the ability to fly and land automatically, without pilot, but can also be run manually. Visibility TX flying car, also be one of the prerequisites.

In addition, the TX must be run on any road terrain, can be used for rescue missions. TX imagined shape is not too high, four-wheel and bulletproof.

DARPA said the military-owned companies that will consider proposals that include technology, hybrid, have a battery backup, an adaptive wing structure, there are fan-drive systems, lightweight materials and advanced sensors.

The Pentagon has budgeted $ 54 million to develop a flying car concept. To TechNews Daily, DARPA spokesperson stated need four years to develop this prototype.

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