Paralyzed Because Consumption of Pork Roast

A man in Birmingham, England, suffering from paralysis and nearly died from the bacteria found in undercooked pork. The bacteria causes the body's defense down and weakened his brain working.

Quoted from page Daily Mail, Thursday, June 23, 2011, Darren Ashall, 46, spent five months in the hospital. When this condition began to improve, but he's still having trouble speaking and walking.

Ashall said that his illness began to appear after he ate two pieces of pork that is not cooked through. "I think one of the meat is not cooked, I immediately regret eating it," said Ashall.

A month after eating the meat, Ashall was rushed to hospital due to heart attacks. After three days, half his face fell. At first he thought to have suffered a stroke, but according to doctors from the hospital Chorley and South Ribble, a set of deadly bacteria entered the brain and destroys the body's defense system. This disease also makes pus formed clot in his brain.

"I was hospitalized for months, but did not produce results," he said.

Doctors said the disease Ashall Listeria Meningitis caused by bacteria Listeria that can be lodged in the body for 70 days. This disease makes Ashall paralyzed, even to breathe even have to use a respirator.

If not treated the hospital, you can bet Ashall died. It was only after several months, Ashall began to recover and begin to speak and walk.

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