Sugar and Salt Consumption dose recommended for the Body

Sugar and salt much an enemy to many serious diseases, especially hypertension and diabetes. But the sugar and the salt still needed by the body. What is the maximum limit intake of sugar and salt are healthy every day?

Intake of sugar and salt are healthy and do not exceed the limit fixed daily intake the body needs to perform its functions properly.

Sugar or glucose serves to energize the body's cells, while the salt or sodium serves to regulate fluid balance and regulate the nerves and muscles to function properly.

Daily sugar intake

Reporting from the Guardian upon the recommendation of the British Nutrition Foundation, a limit on daily sugar intake for normal adults is 90 grams or not more than half a cup.

Number of 90 grams of sugar are already included all types of sugar, either refined sugar or artificial sugar, also derived from food or drinks that contain sugar.

When people eat sugar exceeds the recommended daily intake, the body will increase the release of calcium through the urine, causing dental caries and several severe illnesses such as diabetes and its complications such as heart.

If someone is eating sugar more than 100 grams, it can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill the bad bacteria or viruses in the body by 40 percent. The immune system will begin to decrease 30 minutes after food is consumed and will continue to decrease for up to 5 hours.

Daily salt intake

Dr Susan Jebb, Head of Nutrition and Health Research at the MRC Cambridge office was quoted as saying TimesOnline, said the recommended salt intake for adults is 6 grams, equivalent to one teaspoon.

With a consumption of 6 grams of salt per day, can reduce stroke risk 13 percent and 10 percent risk of heart disease.

Restricted salt intake is necessary to avoid the disease such as blood pressure and heart strokes. However, too little salt can cause mental disorders, inability to concentrate and in extreme cases can be fatal experienced hyponatremia.

Health experts agreed to recommend the use of salt based on age, is as follows:

0-6 months 1 gram
7-12 months 1 gram
1-3 years 2 grams
4-6 years 3 grams (half teaspoon)
7-10 years 5 grams
11-14 years 6 grams
Adult 6 grams (one teaspoon).


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