The CIA and Sony Site Hackers has Caught

A 19-year-olds in England under house arrest on suspicion of being a hacker (hacker) who managed to break into the CIA website. Hacking is done from the bedroom at his home in Essex town.

Quoted from page Daily Mail, Wednesday, June 22, 2011, Ryan Cleary, 19, was arrested by combined police Scotland Yard and the FBI. Ryan had been identified after British police track down the hacker group Lulzsec server.

The group is reported to have paved the CIA website, the U.S. Senate, FOX and PBS news agency, and on Monday the group is messing with the system on site Serious Crimes Enforcement Agency and coordinated English (Soca). In addition to government sites, Lulzsec also had broken into millions of account owners of gaming consoles Sony Playstation and Nintendo.

Ryan is known as a quiet teenager who prefers to live his life in the room and in front of the computer. Ryan's mother, Rita, said that Ryan had Agoraphobia or fear of the crowd. This is what led to Ryan for four years did not leave the house.

"He's very secretive, he's just out of the room if you want to go to the toilet. I often have to leave the food in front of the door," says Rita.

British Police believe Ryan is the main character in the group Lulzsec. Ryan will likely be extradited to the U.S. to undergo trial. If convicted he was threatened with jail for 60 years.


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