More Than Three Million People Unemployed in France

The unemployment rate in France continues to rise up to over three million people as of September this year. Due to the economic crisis and the austerity measures, per month, tens of thousands of people lost their jobs.

According to Ministry of Manpower France, the BBC, Wednesday, September 26, 2012, as many as 23 900 people lost their jobs in August. This amount adds up to 3.011 million unemployed population.

The increase in the number of unemployed continued to occur for 16 consecutive months. This amount was the biggest since the 1999 count. Manpower Minister Michel Sapin France blames unemployed due to stacking faults previous government led by Nicolas Sarkozy.

"Millions of unemployed shows the failure of economic and social policies taken in recent years. Seeing this report, the government decided to immediately implement the reforms," said Sapin.

Since May, several large companies lay off thousands of workers. These include car manufacturer Peugeot, the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, the airline Air France-KLM, and supermarket Carrefour.

France's economy is also far from improving. In the previous three quarters, the French economy grew zero percent. Earlier, the government predicts growth of 0.3 percent per year, but is considered to be unrealistic. Experts predicted that the French economy will continue to crawl in the next few quarters.

In budget 2013, the government is expected to need to save up to 30 billion euros. To realize this, the required increase in tax rates. It is feared, the tax increase will further lower the French consumer confidence fell two points in september.

source : viva

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