Iran finds Code U.S. Spy plane

Iran says it has succeeded in dismantling the code in the spy plane that crashed United States late lastyear. A variety of intelligence data in the plane is now in the hands of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government.

Discovery of this code as well as confront the U.S. statement that Iran's dubious ability to understand the drone technology. Feel challenged, Iran deployed its experts to dissect the software and hard disk of the RQ-170 type aircraft that sentinel.

Reported by CNN, Sunday, April 22, 2012, a senior Iranian military official, Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said that they could not disclose intelligence data whatever they successfully unloading. "But, we will notify the four directions to prove to America that we managed to get into the intelligence system of this aircraft," said Hajizadeh.

Based on the data obtained, he said, these aircraft have been used to spy on Osama bin Laden hiding in Pakistan, two weeks before his death in May last year.

In addition to intelligence, Iran has managed to dismantle a variety of other information, such as protocols, and repair history of aviation. From this it is known that the aircraft was never repaired in California in 2010 and moved to Afghanistan in the same month. According Hajizadeh, no damage to the aircraft that can not be repaired by a team of U.S. experts.

Copying American technology

Hajizadeh said Iran expert team managed to fully understand the technology, and program components of the aircraft. With this knowledge, the Iranian state was able to make similar aircraft by copying the technology that they can get.

Sophisticated spy planes in its class it falls in the region of Iran in December last year. Iran says that they managed to mess up the signal so that makes it fall. While the U.S. said the plane crashed due to technical malfunction.

U.S. President Barack Obama has demanded that the plane was returned. However, Iran rejected the U.S. to apologize for violating the country's borders.

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