Ship War Japan and Taiwan

 Tensions around the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea heats up. Japan Coast Guard patrol ships and boats to attack each other Taiwan on Monday morning, 25 September 2012. Japanese ships fired water cannons to Taiwan ships because the ships did not heed the warning not to enter Japanese waters. Japanese action was answered by a similar action by the eight patrol boats Taiwan, which was sent to escort the fishing boat. 

When Japan orders ships Taiwan's retreat, one of the Taiwanese captain answered they operate in the waters of Taiwan and are running a legitimate activity. He also asked the Japanese coast guard withdrew from the region. In fact, Taiwan's ships flying banners demand that Japan surrender territory to Taiwan, who named the islands Tiaoyutai. Islands are rich in oil and gas allegedly was also claimed by China, which is named Diaoyu. An official in Okinawa Japan Coast Guard said no one was injured in the incident. The entire vessel Taiwan have left Japanese waters at midday.

 However, surveillance aircraft still see there are six Chinese patrol boats sailing near the islands. When the incident occurred, the Chinese military officials were attending the launch of an aircraft carrier in naval Liaoning Dalian. Chinese Defense Ministry claimed the ship weighs 67 thousand tons of it will help keep the interests of the sovereignty, security and development. The ship, which was originally built by the Soviet Union before continuing China in 1998, it can carry 30 combat aircraft and helicopters.

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