Prince William Sue Closer Magazine

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton topless photo loading responded by launching her legal action.

According skynews.com page on Saturday (15/9), legal action was taken a couple titled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is due to assess the loading of her topless photo on the cover of Closer magazine is a strange action and thought have invaded the privacy of members of the British royal.

Parties St James's Palace said the publication of the photograph had reminded memories past for Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, who is often the target of the media and paparazzi.

Closer magazine covers, published on Friday (14/9) and circulated in France showing the figure of her bikini with the top open chest. The photo was taken when Kate and William on holiday in France last week.

The photo was taken using a long lens camera. She did not expect him to be photographed as she sunbathe in remote areas.

Meanwhile, in an interview, editor Laurence Closer Pieau defended the decision to print the photo and said he did not think the photos were "shocking.

source : bisinis jabar

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  1. This really is not very good, this is really embarrassing for the royal :-D

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