Katy Perry dating with Roberts

After ending her marriage running 14 months with comedian Russell Brand, Katy Perry had time to build relationships with models from Italy, Baptiste Giabiconi. Katy dear relations and Baptiste did not work.

However, it did not take long for the singer of 'Fireworks' to find a new trailer. This time the new trailer Katy Perry does not come from the actor and model, but from the boy band.

Katy reportedly in a relationship with a man named Robert Ackroyd, guitarist of the band Florence and The Machine. Rumor is unfolding since Katy looks soft hold Robert in California music festival, Coachella, earlier this month.

One source reveals to Life & Style magazine, "In the backstage artist lounge at Coachella show last weekend, Katy keeps telling me that her boyfriend is a guitar player Florence and The Machine," the source said as quoted by www.thislondon.co.uk (23 / 4).

The source also added, "He and a group of his friends should go to see Dr. Dre, but Katy said she wanted to wait for the appearance of her boyfriend."

Rumors getting stronger, after the camera caught this couple was holding hands while watching a Rihanna who performed with Calvin Harris on the same show. The closeness of the more visible, when Robert twittering on twitter, by writing the initials of Katy Perry.

"Best Coachella ever. Scratch that, best weekend ever. Dre, Snoop, Pac, Nate, Fiddy & KP," writes Robert

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