Q8, Mobile Watches Coolest With Complete Feature In The World

Chinese state there is no demise of the coolest gadgets, after we struck with Penthouse Cell Phone Watch, this time there are more mobile phone watch more cool.

Q8 Dual Sim Cards Mobile Watch is a watch phone that can put two SIM cards at once and of course both can be in Standby circumstances.

Just like a mobile phone with dual sim, mobile phone watch is also able to receive incoming phone calls from both numbers above without having to turn off the number one first.

Q8 Dual Sim Cards Mobile Watch has also provided the keypad at the bottom to help us make phone calls or typing SMS.

1:33-inch touch screen size on these watches are quite large, so you can write text messages quickly or see a list of contacts with the obvious.

Here are some specs Q8 Mobile Watch Dual Sim Cards:

- 1:33-inch Touchscreen size

- Handwriting recognition.

- Bluetooth

- Camera 2 MP

- Video recorder with the output MP4 format.

- audio playback

- Internal memory TF card with capacity of 2GB.

- microSD memory card slot.

- GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ. etc.

Q8 watches Dual Sim Cards are sold at around 130 U.S. dollars

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