Peugeot-BMW, terminate Cooperative Research Hybrid Car

Europe's second-biggest carmaker, PSA Peugeot Citroen, ending the cooperative research of hybrid-powered vehicles with BMW AG. Instead, the manufacturer Prancing lion logo that will hold General Motors.

The AFP news agency reported that Peugeot and BMW cancel development cooperation factories and research facilities hybrid vehicle which was originally started in 2013.

"Both companies also have designed a hybrid vehicle in this project." Peugeot design chief Guillaume Faury, Tuesday, September 25, 2012.

BMW and Peugeot agreed to work together on the development of a hybrid car in October 2011. In this project, the two companies will assemble the vehicle model and shared twin production platforms. BMW will also supply spare parts plus electric powertrains.

However, signals a rift appeared in February 2012, when Peugeot agreed cooperation with General Motors for a similar project. Management of BMW also said it would conduct its own research and hybrid cars do not intend to continue the partnership with Peugeot.

"No decisions have been made in this project," said BMW spokesman, Frank Wienstroth.

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