Michellin EnergyTM XM2, More Durability and Safe Distance

Michellin introduce high-tech tires EnergyTM XM2.

Michelin Energy TM XM2 claimed to provide durability for longer and more maximum security level for as many riders.

In countries that have heavy traffic, many process improvements and long distances between cities. Because of the high-tech riders need tires that really tested in order to overcome their problems.

In addition, the increasing mobility needs in each country are also factors that encourage motorists to find technical solutions at affordable prices. The Michelin technicians to focus all of these requirements when developing a tire EnergyTM XM2.

Michelin's research and development division to create a unique technology which allows the Energy XM2 has a longer durability as much as 20 percent better than its predecessor, save fuel, and provide maximum safety in a variety of conditions.

Adaptive Micro Void Optimum Compound and grooves Michelin Eenergy XM2 ensure the safety of motorists by reducing the risk of hydroplaning and the possibility of losing control of their vehicle.

This tire is intended for various types of vehicles including a city car, compact cars and sedans as well as focusing on the segmentation of tires 14 ", 15" and 16 ".


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