Unemployment Print Record High in Europe

 The unemployment rate in European countries the euro continued to rise in early 2012. Even now scored a record high level. Statistical agency Eurostat, quoted by BBC March 1, 2012, the average unemployment rate in 17 European countries in January rose to 10.7 percent, much higher than the percentage in December 2011, 10.6 percent.

There are now 16.9 million people unemployed in the euro zone countries were. Italy, who was suffering from the debt crisis, recorded a rise in the unemployment rate to 9.2%. 

Similarly, the Spanish, who also scored the highest unemployment rate in the eurozone, which is 23.3%. The lowest unemployment for the euro countries are Austria, 4%. In a wider scale, namely the European Union, Eurostat noted that the average level of unemployment in the country's collection of 27th January, by 10.1%.

Thus approximately 24.3 million people in the European Union earlier this year unemployed. Eurostat also noted that the monthly inflation in the euro zone rose 0.1 percent last February to 2.7%. Thus had 15 consecutive months of euro zone inflation rate exceeds the target of the European Central Bank, which is below 2%. 

 Statistics came a day after the European Central Bank announced it was ready to fund 530 billion euros (U.S. $ 713 billion) to provide low-interest loans to 800 banks in the EU. The announcement was welcomed by the market, so prices in the European banking stocks rose on Wednesday.

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