Brazil's Economic Rise and beat England


 Brazil a significant increase in revenue in recent years catapulted the country into the position of the world's sixth largest economy, which ranks predicted to shift the UK will continue to fall.

Reported by the Guardian, last year Brazil's economy rose 2.7 percent, while the UK is only 0.8 percent. The first position is still held by the United States, under it there is China, Japan, Germany and France.

Brazil's per capita income reached U.S. $ 11,000 per head, less than a third of UK income. But Brazil's economy is rising rapidly, thanks to the Western economy is stagnant.

The increase is consistent with the position of Brazil presidiksi thinkthank CEBR year institutions. The institute predicts Brazil will surpass the UK in 2012, but will be left behind from India and Russia in 2020.

Consistent growth in the Brazilian economy began in the mid 1990s when the dominance of government in various sectors began to disappear thanks to privatization. China later became one of Brazil's partners in cooperation soybeans and iron ore. Enter some investors, including from the United States.

Brazil's biggest advantage comes from the agricultural and food processing sector, by contributing a third of Brazil's GDP and 36 percent of export value. In the past 20 years, Brazil became the largest producer of sugarcane, coffee, tropical fruits, and livestock trade - 50 percent greater than the amount of 170 million U.S. cattle.

In the future, Brazil will glance at the oil sector which is projected to jump-start the economy of this country. Brazil's oil potential in the Atlantic Ocean is believed to be numbered the same as in Norway and the UK North Sea.

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