Benefits of Banana skin

Banana skin often makes people fall slip when stepped on, so it is considered as the most annoying garbage. When in fact the banana skin has a variety of benefits, ranging from warts to shoe polish.

One of the benefits as it had been written detikHealth is purifying water. According to a study in the journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, banana peels can filter out heavy metals, especially lead (Pb) and copper (Cu).

In that study, banana peels are used unmodified but merely chopped into small pieces and then inserted into the contaminated water. Chopped banana peel can be used up to 11 times without losing its ability to absorb heavy metals.

While it was reported from the Re-nest.com Sunday (2606/2011), there are many other benefits of a banana skin in addition to purifying water. Some of them are as follows:

1. Relieves pain
Vegetable oils contained in the banana skin has certain compounds are efficacious as a pain reliever. Attach the banana skin clean and fresh to reduce the pain on a burn or scratch.

2. Overcoming itch
Itching from insect bites or mild allergies can be overcome with a banana skin. The way is to stick it on the surface of the skin that itch.

3. Treating warts
Banana skin is believed to have antiviral activity, so many are using it to ward off warts from the skin surface. You do this by attaching a banana skin, then arrested with plaster and allowed to heal by itself. It is also possible to rub into sore body parts can not prevent you from skin diseases warts compatriots and friends.

4. Accelerates wound healing
Wounds that had started to itch as it is covered dry flakes of dead skin that hardens. Flakes can be eliminated more quickly by simply applying a banana skin, because it will react with the enzymes contained therein.

5. Enrich the soil
Not only for the compost mix, banana peels can be directly deposited into the ground just to fertilize the plants around it. Banana peel contains potassium which is necessary for plant growth.

6. Polish ornamental plants
Various ornamental plants like anthurium, a wave of love and the like would be more interesting if it looks green glossy leaves. Use the inside of a banana skin to polish it a soft texture, it leaves it will be shiny and more durable.

7. Shoe polish
No need to panic if one day run out of shoe polish, provided there is a banana in the refrigerator. Peel the fruit, then use its skin for leather shoe polish to make it look shiny like it had been polished.
Good luck.


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  1. Bananas help normalise the heartbeat and it regulate the water balance of the body. It is also promoting strong signals between cells.

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  2. Bananas are high in B vitamins that help calm the nervous system. It can control sugar level. It is best for weight reduce.

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