Solar storm does'nt threaten the Astronauts

Powerful solar storms that spread large amounts of radiation into space this week, does not pose a risk to the six astronauts who were at the International Space Station, officials said the National Aeronautics Space Agency and the U.S. (NASA).

"No danger, no protection is needed," said NASA spokesman Rob Navias told space.com. The sun was spitting fire two bursts of fierce on Tuesday (March 6) with a burst of plasma wave energy and particles into space.

This radiation is harmful to satellites, for example, a Venus Express spacecraft equipment owned by the European Space Agency, blinded by the blast. However, NASA officials say the International Space Station and its crew are not in a position to feel the "wrath" of the sun this time.

Commander of the Space Station and Burbank from NASA, NASA astronaut Don Pettit, Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, and Oleg Kononenko Ivanishin Anatoly, as well as the European Space Agency astronaut Andre Kuiper, should be safe.

In the past, astronauts sometimes have to hide in a protected area in the spacecraft parked on Space Station for shelter from the storm caused by solar radiation.

Solar storm this time is one of the strongest in five years. Solar storm caused by strong magnetic activity on nearby stars, tend to rise and fall in frequency.

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