Firefox Beta 5 has Been Available

Mozilla has released the beta of latest browser, Firefox 5. Although not perfect, this version is worth downloading to figure out what kind of future Firefox 5.

Two major additions are present in Firefox 5 Beta is CSS support standard animation and channel switcher that allows users to switch from aurora version, beta, until the final version later.

Aurora's own version of Firefox is the initial display 5, which gives the opportunity for users to see and taste the browser. Of course this version is not sestabil beta.

As quoted from PCWorld, Tuesday (05/24/2011), after Mozilla released Firefox 4 some time ago, they promised to accelerate the development cycle of new browsers in the future.

If the distance between Firefox 3 and Firefox 4 is about three years, five in fact present Firefox is faster and is predicted to be available June 21, 2011, or roughly three months from the previous version.

Mozilla is increasingly strengthening its presence in the world of browsers. As evidence of their success, Firefox 4 has touched 100 million downloads in first month of launch. In addition, the company also continues to explore the mobile world by presenting a powerful browser applications to popular platforms such as Android.

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