Wikileaks: Facebook The Terrible Spy Machine

Julian Assange known as the founder of Wikileaks re-issued a controversial statement. This time he pointed up as a terrible spy. Why? According to him, Facebook and other online services, like Yahoo and Google, now a United States intelligence machine to spy on people.

"Currently, we have the most comprehensive database of family-relationship, name, address, location, and communication among them, among families who all reside in the United States (U.S.), all accessible to U.S. intelligence," said Assange in interview reported by Russia Report, Tuesday (05/02/2011).

He adds, not intelligence secretly use them to spy on someone. Service providers are clearly giving preferential access to U.S. intelligence could lurk anytime. So, he says, people who use up the same course to help U.S. intelligence obtained the data.

"Everyone should understand that if they add a friend on Facebook, they open the way to the U.S. intelligence agencies to create a database," he said. However, he did not explain further how that information could get to the U.S. intelligence.

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