2 Boy Like the Vampire

The story of vampires in the movie "Twilight" was indeed real. In England two boys known to have fangs like a vampire.

This is not a story in the movie 'Twilight'. Two brothers Simon, 13, and George, 11 odd syndrome with characters like vampires. They have sharp canine teeth and always try to avoid sunlight.

The name of the boy's family is also similar to the Cullen Twilight movie figures. Simon Cullen and his brother George actually exist in real life.

As quoted from page Daily Mail, two boys from Sudbury, Suffolk, is suffering from a genetic disorder known in medical terms as Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. It is estimated that only affects 7,000 people in the world.

Although not suck blood, the boy was 13 and 11 years turned out to have a rare genetic disease. This disease shows a worrisome physical characteristics such as the scalp and hair thin, hard sweat and teeth grow imperfect. Because of hard sweating, patients are prone to hyperthermia if the temperature around uncontrollably.

In the midst of suffering, they must face the response that tends to exclude social environment. "My friends even call me by name as the character of Edward Cullen in the movie 'Twilight'," said Simon. "People must think we look terrible."

Mandy, 45, the mother, said, "They're always in the spotlight because of her physical appearance and his pale skin. Some people thought they were suffering from leukemia." He added, "After the movie Twilight come out, people seemed happy to call our families, Cullen."

Symptoms of the disease have shown Simon a few hours after birth. Suddenly, his body temperature dropped dramatically. "The nurse tried to warm it with light, but his arms and his face just like a blister," said Mandy who did not think his second son has a similar condition.

The disease makes Mandy learned to handle the condition of two sons. He did not allow two men to exercise for fear that his body temperature to rise. This danger because they can not sweat. That is why the two boys spent more time playing video games at home.

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  1. This isn't funny he Goes to my school and I am friends with him and he always goes outside and he isn#t similar to twilight figures. Just discraceful

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