'Pilot' Aged 9 Years Flying Alone

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A nine-year-old boy, be a 'pilot' youngest trained air balloon that flew by himself on Saturday (06/04/2011) then. Reported from Associated Press, a boy named Bobby Bradley is on air and managed to land with a perfect half-hour later.

Bradley is a bit more adult and mature than his age. He can 'run' hot air balloon just like the instructions of his parents. His success is celebrated with more than 50 friends and family. Bradley had a wonderful new experience. "Amazing. I loved it," he said.

Who his parents praised him. "He was flying as we know that he's capable," said the father. While his mother, saying that the flight was perfect.

05:00 They gather in Albuquerque to remote areas had lower levels of power lines and other potential hazards. Near seven o'clock in the morning, Bradley took off with the other balloons that controlled the other pilots.

These pilots each include a trial balloon for the Federal Aviation Administration. There is also an expert air balloon that Bradley made an ultra-lightweight air balloon as a form of 'craft'.

"I do not want to land. I want to keep flying. More over there," said Bradley about her feelings on air in a balloon. This kid is the fourth generation of descendants of expert air balloon. Both parents are Bradley is a licensed pilot since adolescence. Awards range air balloon races ever achieved them.

Bradley himself has been flying in a hot air balloon with her parents for more than half his lifetime. In fact he was almost 30 hours of flying with his father in a standard air balloon. But he will be able to get his permission at the age of 16 years. Therefore, friends and family make a smaller balloon that can be classified as a hot air balloon crafts ultra-light for the first flight alone.

Two days before his flight, the grandmother of her mother, Jan Stevenson - who sew panels of blue balloons, red, and yellow into one - gave him a jacket that is often worn by his grandfather, complete with balloon pins that became the pride of his grandfather, Bob Stevenson. In addition, a teddy bear who always accompanied her father when competing air balloon racing, also brought into the air balloon.

cool for bobby bradley!!

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