Five U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

A total of five U.S. soldiers killed in rocket attack in the Shia stronghold in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, June 6, 2011. The attack allegedly carried out by anti-American Shiite militants in the country.

The attack occurred at the base combined U.S. and Iraqi troops in Baladiyat complex, near the border of Sadr City. Eyewitness, quoted by the Associated Press, said three rockets hit the military base, which directly killed five U.S. soldiers.

Sadr City is known as the location of anti-American Shia militant hideouts backed by Iran, Muqtada al-Sadr, who often opposed the entry of U.S. troops to Iraq.

Allegedly, al-Sadr were behind the attacks, because before he said that his group would storm the U.S. troops still in Iraq, even though the deadline of returning the soldiers have been discharged since last year.

Although the death toll from the U.S. side has dropped dramatically since the troops withdrawn from Iraq, but still continue to bombard Shiite militants U.S. bases with rockets, grenades, and bombs in the last three months.

This attack is they do to give the impression that they are pushing the United States withdraw troops from Iraq. In addition, this attack was also intended to prevent Uncle Sam's government to let an army platoon to stay.

"Militants who backed Iran's military continues to put pressure on U.S. forces since the circulating rumors that their presence would be extended." said Michael Knight, Iraq analyst with the Washington Institute.

Previously, the U.S. government is pressing Iraq to allow its troops to stay to help the various missions, such as the protection of airspace and training troops. This is based on the assumption of various parties in Iraq who say their country's security forces weapons are less able to secure the border so that they require assistance from the U.S.


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