Michael Jackson vs Insurance Company

Disputes between insurance companies and concert promoters 'This Is It' Michael Jackson continues. This concert insurance company asked a judge to cancel the insurance policy of giving money amounting to $ 17.5 million to the promoter. Lloyds of London as an insurance company, refused to pay the insurance money to the promoter, AEG Live, because AEG Live was never told that Michael Jackson died from downing a dose of strong medicine.

Almost two years ago, Michael Jackson died in Los Angeles after a dress rehearsal for the 50 concerts to be held in the city of London. The authorities claimed that the King of Pop is dead due to excessive dose of anesthetic agent propofol and painkillers. Jacko's personal physician was scheduled to undergo probation for negligence giving excessive doses of propofol as a sleeping pill.

Because of AEG Live and Michael Jackson's family to hide this fact, the Lloyds of London considers these events to make money payer insurance policy declared null and void. Lloyds of London has been trying to resolve this by AEG Live outside the court, but it seems that the promoter did not come to terms with the insurance company.

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