Japanese astronaut Planting Cucumbers on the Space

Cucumber, fruit is popular these days - in a negative sense. Because, cucumber from Spain suspected to be mastermind the release of deadly bacteria, E. coli that killed 22 people and make others ill 2200.

Although eventually anyway sprouts or bean sprouts Germany made ​​a new defendant, cucumbers still not the favorite. However, even in the midst of such accusation, Japanese astronaut plans to harvest the cucumbers on the International Space Station, far beyond the earth where the requirements of plant life - water and sunlight nil.

Astronaut named Satoshi Furukawa. He was scheduled to glide into space next Wednesday, to work for half a year in orbit with Russian cosmonauts, Sergei Volkov and NASA astronaut Michael Fossum.

Problem experimental plan 'cucumber farming, which is scheduled next month, Furukawa said, it's part of the research how future space explorers can harvest their own crops. "We hope to take the harvest it, unfortunately not allowed," Furukawa said that a doctor, like a loaded AP.

For the health and interests of the mission, the astronauts will be launched through the Baikonur launch center in Kazakhstan is still undergoing strict isolation to avoid infection. Even at the press conference, Furukawa, Fossum and Volkov took refuge behind the glass.

Not to be outdone by Japan, cosmonaut, Volkov said on Russian territory at the International Space will be planted with tomatoes. With joked he hoped the astronauts were given permission to prepare a salad of harvest. "But honestly, what I really want is a fried potato," he said smiling.

However, whatever the result of planting cucumber, Japan still leads in terms of improving the culinary space. In fact, Japanese astronaut, Soichi Noguchi, making sushi - Japanese cuisine - while on the space station last year.

For information, Fossum, Furukawa and Volkov is scheduled to return to Earth in mid-November.


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