5 Health Problems Can be Solved by Sex

Make love not just give it the satisfaction of biological needs. According to some health experts, regular sex is the key to get physically and psychologically healthy.

As quoted from intimatemedicine, there is much scientific evidence that explain that sex has a healing effect, especially with psychosomatic conditions. Check out the five other health problems can be overcome by love.

1. Heart problems
When making love, your breathing will become deeper and faster. These conditions increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and strengthen the heart. During sex, the amount of the hormone estrogen in women also increased. This hormone is known to have good effects on the heart.

2. Cholesterol Problems
During sex, increased testosterone levels in men. This hormone helps strengthen muscles, bones and at the same time lowering cholesterol levels.

3. Problems Arthritis
Arthritis is the medical term for diseases and disorders that cause swelling or inflammation of the joints. Sex can help you get rid of headaches and other pain caused by arthritis. If you often feel stressed, there is no better therapy than sex. Intimate activity is also beneficial for prostate health.

4. Weight problems
Experts recommend to have intercourse at least once a week. This is because sex can burn 7500 calories per year, the same as running a distance of 120 kilometers.

5. PMS Problems
Research has confirmed that sex can relieve menstrual problems. With more than 1000 study participants, those who have a regular sex life is little to complain about premenstrual pain and menstrual. 


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