Anti-Aging Found in Sperm

A natural thing that everyone, especially women certainly do not want to grow old. It also attracted the attention of scientists to discover anti-aging medicine.

An Austrian scientist managed to find a panacea to solve the problem of aging of human sperm. Human cells will grow older as a natural process called autophagy disorders.

Autophagy is a kind of cannibalism when cells are damaged cell tissue is recycled. Scientists from the University Graz, Austria found that a compound in the male sperm, called spermidine can slow aging.

This compound, tested in yeast, fruit flies, worms, mice and human blood cells instead of directly in humans. Spermidine could be an alternative material to prevent skin aging.

Spermidine treatment emphasizes the various processes associated with aging and reduce unhealthy levels of radicals, thus making a longer cell life. But spermidine quality decreases with advancing age humans.

However, it is yet to be reviewed, is it really effective in preventing aging when tested directly in humans.

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