Video games can help Reduce Depression

Researchers from the University of Auckland, New Zealand created the video game 'Sparx' as a way to provide cognitive behavioral therapy that is packed with more fun and interesting.

'Sparx' stands for smart (intelligent), positive, active, realistic thoughts and x-factor, a strategy designed to combat depression. As reported by ABCNews, Monday (23/4).

Sparx in the game that uses 3D animation, you are guided to a custom soundtrack and her avatar. His job is to solve the puzzle and challenges contained in 7 provinces.

This game is the ability to direct how the play relates to the challenges facing young people in real life.

In the study, researchers recruited 168 adolescents in New Zealand, average age 15 years who seek help for her depression at the health clinic, school guidance counselor or doctor. Nearly two-thirds were women, reflecting that most women suffering from depression.

Half of the group was randomly selected to play Sparx, while the rest were assigned to do the counseling.

Results showed that video games are effective in lowering Sparx depressive symptoms in adolescents as a therapy session. Approximately 44 percent of teens who play Sparx managed to recover fully from depression compared with 26 percent of teens who do counseling. In addition, about 66 percent in the Sparx play the game showed a decrease about 30 percent in depressive symptoms.

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