Not Absorbed Filters, Pollution Caused Brain Damage

Inhaling air pollution on the highway can lead to damage of rat brain memory loss and Alzheimer's disease, according to a study in the United states.
The researchers made the air pollutants produced by burning fossil fuels and combustion residues coming out of the car. Mice given this kind of air for 15 hours in one week with a period of 10 weeks.
Particles in polluted air was small, "the amount of one-thousandth the thickness of a human hair, and too small to be absorbed by the filter system", but can cause massive damage to the brain of rats.
"You can not see it in free air, but when these particles are inhaled and affect the brain cells the opportunity to experience long-term brain damage also increases," said senior researcher Caleb Finch of the University of Southern California, reported AFP.
According to the researchers, exposure to pollutants in the air causing "significant damage" to the brain cells in charge of the process of learning and memory. They also detect the "signs of inflammation are closely associated with premature aging and Alzheimer's disease."
The results of this study published in the journal Environmenal Health Perspectives.
This research requires a series of further research to determine whether the same effects will be experienced by humans.
"Of course this will raise the question` How do we protect the city from this type of poisoning? `And the answer to that question remains a mystery," said Finch.
Intelligence level of children methodically determined by IQ (Intellegentia Quotient). IQ of a child begins to be determined since the age of 3 years. IQ is determined by lineage (genetic) which was taken from both parents. In addition, nutritional factors adequate food and a healthy environment also affect the development of a child's IQ.
In these days we are hard to get a healthy environment because of where - where there is pollution. The highest level of pollution is air pollution. Air pollution can affect the development of IQ. Air pollution can make the brain become "slow" nick less smart. The air we breathe the polluted air is air that has been mixed with chemicals from vehicle exhaust fumes, resulting in air entering the lungs and brain are not clean and obstructing the lungs and brain.
Other pollutants can also damage children's brains in the world. One possible cause is toxic PCBs (polychlorinated Biphenys synthetic Compounds) contained in the equipment - electronic equipment and due to radiation. Use of mobile phones for children can also affect brain development. Because the mobile phone has a high level of radiation. Radiation emitted by mobile phones can penetrate the head and neck of the wearer so that the temperature inside the brain increase and decrease the ability of the brain work.

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