Radioactive Contaminated Japan Beef

Beef contains high-level radioactive allegedly spread in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. Although the radioactive content had exceeded the limit, the Japanese government urged people to remain calm and not panic.

Tokyo Metro Government, was launched from the pages of CNN, Tuesday, July 12, 2011, said the meat is expected to arrive in the capital last month. Meat sold in butcher shops and various possibilities have been consumed by the residents.

Radioactivity was found in the meat when the health agency Tokyo checks against six items from the farm in Fukushima. So far, three of the six cows are meat tested had a high radioactive content, one of which even reached .3400 Becquerels, seven times the limit set by the government.

Previously, the meat from 11 cattle farms in Fukushima who arrived in Tokyo also reported to have a high radioactive content. After investigation, it turns the meat not only sent to the capital, but throughout Japan. There has been no reported incidence of diseases caused by this pollution.

Responding to this, the Japanese minister in charge of consumer and food safety, Goshi Hosono, urged people not to overdo it responded to the findings. He said the radioactive content of the meat is not necessarily contaminate the human body.

"If you eat meat every day, may be dangerous. But if eaten once in a while and a sufficient portion, I do not think it will affect the human body in the long run," says Hosono.

As a result of these findings, Fukushima Prefecture local government began to conduct more than 500 farms to be completed by the end of the week. Later this month, predicted the government will be able to inspect about 2,800 farms.

Fukushima is an area exposed to radiation after the explosion of a nuclear reactor at Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant due to the earthquake and tsunami. Hundreds of thousands of people in a 30 km radius were evacuated. The content of high radiation in the area feared contaminate plants and water, which is the feed of beef cattle.


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