Hit the Heat, Dallas Equalized Position 2-2

A number of small mistakes that made Dwayne Wade Miami Heat undermine efforts to increase the advantage of the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. Dallas won 86-83 to equalize 2-2.

Armed with a victory at home to Dallas in the third game two days ago, the Miami Heat again showed its dominance since the first quarter of the fourth game at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Wednesday (06/08/2011) pm.

At the end of the third quarter, the care team Erik Spoelstra was four ahead of Dallas. Unfortunately, in the fourth quarter Miami Dallas failed to prevent attempts to reverse the situation.

Miami actually did a lot of mistakes in the last minute when the difference between these two figures are very tight team. At least two fatal mistakes made Dwayne Wade, when he gets two chances to do two free shots at Miami 80-82 and the match stayed behind 30 seconds remaining. Wade could only scored one shot so that Dallas is still one point ahead.

The second mistake is when Miami takes three-point shot to equalize because of lagging 83-86. The match stayed six more seconds, but failed to capture the operand Mike Wade Miller from the field. Although successfully steal the ball and mengopernya back to Miller, Wade already wasted too much time. Meanwhile, Miller is located at a narrow angle also failed to include the ball from outside the three-point line.

As a result, Dallas is still winning three points when the game ended. Although the majority scored 32 points, Wade still not able to bring his team to increase the advantage of the Mavericks. Chris Bosh added 24 points for the Heat.

Conversely, if only scored 21 points, Dirk Nowitzki who actually suffered from fever in the game managed to survive a slick game show to prevent the benefits of the Heat.

His teammate, Jason Terry and Shawn Marion added 17 and 16 points for the Mavericks victory. Both teams will again meet in Dallas to undergo the fifth match on Friday (10/06/2011).  

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