After Five-Year Mavericks Return to NBA Finals

Dallas Mavericks waiting for five years was over. The team is back to make sure step into grand final after defeating Oklahoma City NBA for the fourth time in the final of the western region. Dallas won 100-96 and winning 4-1.

Mavericks do not waste the opportunity to play on home turf, the American Airlines Center on Thursday (05/26/2011) pm. Although Oklahoma City was always ahead of the acquisition until the third quarter figures, Mavs battled back in the fourth quarter.

Is Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion who became a hero Mavericks. Both scored 26 points in the match. Besides relying on its core players, as well as the previous game, the care team Rick Carlisle was also supported by strong reserves, such as JoseJuan Barea who collected 14 points.

In contrast, although the player mainstay Thunder Russell Westbrook scored the highest, 31 points, but still could not bring the team to reduce the backwardness of the Mavericks. Kevin Durant and reserve players James Harden scored 23 points for the Thunder.

This victory certainly make the Dallas Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban absurdly happy. Understandably, this is the first time Dallas won the final seizure of the territory for NBA title since five years ago

"All I can say is, we have not been exhausted," says Cuban.

Five years ago, the Mavericks made it through to the NBA finals but failed to win after losing to the Miami Heat 2-4.

If Miami is able to defeat the Bulls, the two will meet again and the Mavericks have a chance for revenge.

Mavericks will wait for the winner between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls are still fighting for the NBA Finals ticket. If the Heat win over the Bulls on Friday (27/05/2011), then they will immediately meet in the first game of the final round on Wednesday (01/06/2011).

However, if the Bulls can get up and win the seventh game, the Mavericks just beginning to deal with Derrick Rose cs on Friday (03/06/2011).

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