7 Secrets About Penis you didn't Know

Why your couple penis erection easily? Is the penis can shrink? Find the answer in seven important facts about the penis following, as quoted by WebMD and iVillage:

Fact 1: Penis Could Not Be Controlled Mind

For men of course you've been there when all of a sudden the penis erect when they are not thinking about sex. Yes, it could erect penis without having to be controlled by the mind. Why?

Or absence of penile erection is controlled by the nervous system that are not always under conscious control men. Impulses from the brain that occurs when a man is sleeping can also cause penile erection. The impulse that can vary if the man dreamed a dream about sex or unfinished work.

Fact 2: Penis Can The Long & Large

Men who do not understand often fret if that has not seen his penis in a state of erection it does not match his expectations. In reality, until now, there has been no definite relationship between the size of the erect penis with when not erect.

Study on 80 men showed an increase in penis size of a normal condition to the erection vary greatly. Penis size is studied from 0.6 cm to 8.9 cm.

So in fact can not be inferred simply a man with big penis in normal conditions, will be even greater when erect. Likewise, men with small penis size normal times, it could be its size when erect will surprise you.

Fact 3: Shape Penis Similar Boomerang

You know not, boomerang which is a typical weapon Aborigines? If you know, it turns out like a boomerang shape penis.

If seen by naked eye, it forms a boomerang that will not be seen. The new form can be seen after the shooting with MRI. A French researchers proved that when he researched a couple having sex inside an MRI scanner.

Fact 4: Some Big Penis Uncircumcised Men in the World

According to reports from the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS), only 30% of men aged 15 and above who are circumcised genitals. Those who are circumcised are Muslim and Jewish men. These men represent 70% of men in the world who are already circumcised.

While in the United States, has the highest proportion for men who are circumcised for non-religious reasons. 75% non-Jewish men and non-Muslims in America are circumcised. While in Canada, only 30% were already circumcised, and in England there are 20% and Australia only 6%.

WHO and UNAIDS has recently recommended that all men do the circumcision. The recommendations are due to have found evidence of a man whose penis circumcised under lower risk of HIV infection.

Fact 5: The penis can shrink or wrinkle

This fifth fact usually happens after a man in cold water or soak in cold temperatures. "The testicles should be warmed in order to effectively produce sperm and testosterone," said Dr. Urinary Tract Disease Expert. Joshua Fiske of New Jersey.

Fact 6: Compared to Other Mammals, Human Penis Big Enough

When compared with other animals such as chimpanzees, the human penis has a better measure. Chimpanzee penis is only half the size of your mate have. But compared with the whale, the human penis is far less. Whale penis length is 11 feet, or approximately USD 385 cm.

Fact 7: Strength Penis Forever Not Good

Men often feel they have to keep an erection to satisfy his mate. For that they then take powerful drugs such as Viagra. In reality, an erection is too strong and durable can be dangerous too.

"If the blood flow causes an erection does not also stop flowing into the penis, serious complications can occur such as blood clots," said Dr. Fiske.

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