Spontaneous Sex, Myth or Fact?

Here are many things about sex need to know to get a satisfying sex life. For example, not a few people who advise you and your partner make love without any planned or spontaneous.

Is what is said above is true or just a myth? Here are four myths of lovemaking that you need to know, as quoted from the Health Accord:

1. Spontaneous Sex Should Do

Many people believe that sex should be done spontaneously, without having planned. But in fact, now people are getting busy with their work so that the moment of making love can be missed or forgotten.

Spontaneous sex sounds romantic thing to do. But of course it does not become a liability.

Plan time to be alone, although not seem romantic, it could make you prepare for those special moments. Instead, you and your partner can make plans for the unexpected so that life would be more enjoyable sex.

2. When Your Sex and Couple Must Equally Medium Mood

Not a few couples who believe in this second point. They waited for the mood to make love to come. In reality, in everyday life, can be many things that can make the mood is lost. For example, stress, busy work, voice telephony, children crying, and others.

Finding the right time when you and your spouse are equally mood is certainly not easy. So rather than wait for your mood, just do it whenever you and your partner want. Even if one partner does not feel really mood, their partner could still show his affection through hugs. By doing so, who knows the mood in the end come.

3. Should sex Old

Many people who forget and think quickie sex activity should be done not with a rush. Though qucikie not have acted only because you and your spouse in a hurry. If indeed you and your partner want to do it, ya just do it.

Quickie should also not be seen as sexual activity carried out only at special moments. everytime you and your partner want to do it, do not hesitate. Doing a quickie can cause its own passion.

4. Making love three times a week minimum to Do

Have sex every day or at least three times a week is good for your relationship and your partner. But if you consider it to be a duty, within a week could be that you will continue to think how many times do it in a week. If that happens, you can be stressful if it is found the 'target' does not materialize.

Do not think too much how many times a week that sex should be done. It really matters you notice is the quality of sex that. If you and your partner are satisfied with the frequency of lovemaking is now done, should have four points, this is not a problem.


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