Circulating, Rape Video Sadistic in Libya

 Interview: Iman al-Obeidi finally spoke to a CNN reporter about her ordeal after being detained by Gaddafi's troops

The news waves of brutal rape by soldiers Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, is further enhanced with the video release of sadistic rape scene between two government supporters and a woman. CNN obtained the video works featured are accompanied by torture rape action.

Records are displayed with the blurred images on CNN, Thursday, June 16, 2011, it obtained from a rebel Libya. In the video, seen two soldiers torturing the woman's Gaddafi loyalists with sodomizing use, heavens, a broom handle.

Cries for forgiveness from the woman and his request to stop the action actually makes the two men increasingly violent. According to CNN reports, the poor woman covered her face using socks. In Arab culture, this is a big insult.

The rebels who handed the video was declined to be named. The video also does not contain the date and location where the footage was taken. Two men also appeared in the video wearing army clothes.

CNN states can not confirm the authenticity of the tape and asked for clarification from the Libyan government. However, the rebels insisted that the picture was taken from a cell phone one of the soldiers.

Gaddafi reportedly supporting the army since last week using rape as a tool of war. A spokesman for the rebel, Abdullah al-Kabeir, saying that rape carried out systematically to bring down the government's opponents mentally.

Kabeir claimed that his group has a lot of videos featuring Gaddafi advocates violence, including rape. Gaddafi government denied it and allowed the formation of an investigation or fact-finding team to track the truth.


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