Sex is the Most Effective Sedation

You know, the average man can have 5 times erections during sleep, and sex is the most effective sedative in the world? There are still many interesting facts about sex that you've probably never heard of.

Check out 12 facts about sex based on surveys and studies made by scientists, as quoted from the Intimate Medicine.

1. Speed ​​rate of the sperm to the ovaries when a man ejaculates could reach 28 miles / hour, or 51,856 km / hour.

2. On average, the female orgasm lasts for 18 seconds. In men, orgasm can last for 25 seconds.

3. On average, men can experience 5 times erections during sleep.

4. Sperm can survive in the body for 3 to 7 days. And in a tablespoon of sperm, contains 5 calories.

5. Sexual intercourse (legitimate) is a 'sedative' most safe and effective in the world. Counted 10 times more effective than the most popular medical tranquilizer, Valium.

6. Reported Life 123, in addition to headaches, sex can also cure a stuffy nose and fever, and help overcome the shortness of breath.

7. According to the Durex Global Sex Survey, only 17% of women experience orgasm during intercourse.

8. Quoted from Rose des Rochers, America's first condom, invented in 1870 and made of rubber vulcanization results (chemical process to transform the rubber into a durable material through the addition of sulfur). At that time, condoms are sold expensive because the material is very thick and can be reused.

9. In biochemical terms, sex is no different from eating chocolate in large quantities.

10. A medical study in Pennsylvania found that couples who made love once or twice a week, her immune system is slightly increased.

11. Having sex for 30 minutes, can burn about 200 calories. Just like running for 15 minutes on the treadmill.

12. According to research quoted by Verse List, sex can be a natural beauty treatments for women. Scientists discovered that during sex, women produce more estrogen which makes hair shine and skin smooth.


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