E-Wolf Alpha-2 Electric-powered Supercar

Few car manufacturers are ambitious to make an electric-powered cars as the car races. Usually, just running and has rarely traveled far enough for them. But it was not for e-Wolf.

Now, e-Wolf may puffed out his chest, because it has given rise to an electric-powered supercar called Alpha-2. This car is planned to slide next year with a myriad of advantages, not only about design, but also performance.

Try the eye looks. Futuristic! Yes, it's like here's this supercar automobile made. With the versatile design of sharp and flat, well the aerodynamic damping body, making the Alpha-2 as a promising future supercar, at least from the looks.

While the affairs of this supercar performance, has two electric motors powered 375 hp and 800 NM torque, it seems more than enough for him speeding. Moreover, the manufacturer claims, supercar acceleration 0-100 km / h takes only 3.9 seconds!

With a selling price of about $ 350,000, Alpha-2 could be invited to walk up to the travel range of 300 km for a single battery charge, and can dibesut with a maximum speed of 230 km / hour.

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