Goliath Tigerfish, Fish Predators Crocodile

Goliath Tigerfish fish including one of the freshwater fish of the most famous scary and very wild when hunting prey. He hunted any animal, including crocodiles. Because of the fierce, hard man arrested this fish.

Angler Jeremy Wade, a professional angler from England is one of the few people who managed to catch this ferocious fish. He managed to beat tigerfish measuring 5 feet long or about 1.5 meters weighs 45Kg. It is not easy indeed. Angler success after struggling for 8 days.

This fish is a kind of carnivorous fish. Has sharp teeth and down through the generations living in the waters of the Congo. Nearly 80 percent of the population of this fish found nowhere else.

Waters in the country of Congo was indeed a paradise for fish. In the country, at least 688 lives kenis rare and unique fish. The fish was becoming mighty Goliath because he was able to survive with a minimal supply of oxygen. When summer comes, he usually bury themselves in mud. 



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