Calling, Listening Music and Running With Watches Vea

Vea new digital watches Sportive this one combines almost all electronic devices into one device.

Watch that has a 1.5 inch touch screen you can use to make phone calls, listen to music from MP3 and also took photos. This sophisticated timepiece is also equipped with Bluetooth and 8 GB capacity for storing your favorite songs.

And if something happens while you are jogging, you can press the 'built-in "which sends your location to emergency phone numbers.

The watch is scheduled to be released July 14, 2011. According to the watchmaker this site, these watches are sold at a special price of 578 U.S dollars on those who contribute to this project. Other buyers are interested in buying, forced to wait until September 2011, and the price is 722 U.S. dollars. Watchmaker company did not elaborate on this in detail, in a country where watches with sophisticated technology will be released.


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