Coming to the Final Copa del Rey : 17 Years Without a Title is Too Long

Iker Casillas was so eager to bring Real Madrid to win the Copa del Rey. The reason, the fast 17 years without a title of Copa del Rey is too long for Los Blancos.

Madrid last won the Copa del Rey in 1993. That is, during the last 17 years they could only see other teams alternated winning the event, which is intended as a tribute for the King of Spain.

On the 18 th year after the last title, Madrid again advanced to the Copa del Rey final. Opponents they will face at the Mestalla stadium on Wednesday (04/20/2011), is their eternal enemy, Barcelona.

"This is a very important trophy and we could not fail to win it again after 17 years," comments like that rumored Casillas Madrid's official website.

"Its value will be increasingly important if we managed to win it. This game is vital. I have not even menjuarainya for 11 years I was here," said Madrid goalkeeper.

Opponent Madrid is Barcelona, the team they've met twice in the Spanish League this season and has never managed to beat them. Even so, Casillas looked at opportunities for his team with a tone of optimism.

"We believe this is the time to win many trophies. We know this will not be easy. This will be a great match between two best teams in Spain," he said.

"Everything can happen, but we are very pleased to see our chances. We hope to win this trophy,"said Casillas.

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