Defeat Barcelona, Madrid Won Copa Del Rey

Real Madrid found the turning point when met Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final at the Mestalla stadium on Wednesday (20 / 4). Never win over Barcelona in the last six, Los Blancos actually capable of such a bad record in the prestigious event.

Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, Pepe returned to play as a defensive midfielder for Barcelona muffle the beautiful game. Meanwhile, Mourinho has not put a pure attacker. Cristiano Ronaldo was assigned as an attacker who moves freely.

This strategy seemed to succeed during the first half. Los Blancos meeting defense bolstered by a powerful counter-attack could trouble the Blaugrana.

Xavi Hernandez et al seen already unreadable game by the players Madrid. Some time passes breakthrough that became the final destination tiki-taka style of Barcelona, is always broken at the feet of the players behind Madrid.

In the 36th minute, Madri get a great chance of making excellence. Working closely with Mesut Oezil, Ronaldo then managed to fool Adriano to then kick off a flat hard into the goal barcelona. Unfortunately, goalkeeper Jose Pinto had foiled the opportunity.

One minute ahead of the game the first half ended, turn Pepe which has a golden opportunity. Pushed up to the defense area of Barcelona, Pepe then receive a sweet feed which then disundulnya hard. Only goalposts Pinto who became the savior for Barca at the same time make the score 45 minutes the first half glasses.

Continue to come under pressure in the first half, Barcelona rose after the break. Organization of the usual game players visible Barcelona begun.

In the 69th minute, Barcelona actually been able to excel when Pedro Rodriguez beat Iker Casillas. However, the referee annulled a goal is because previously, Pedro has been caught off-side first.

Six minutes later, Pedro returned to get clean chances. Puncture from the right side of the defense of Madrid, Pedro curved kick off with great difficulty managed to drive out Casillas.

Nine minutes before the normal time, Lionel Messi, who tried to turn the power of Casillas. And, again the Spanish national team goalkeeper managed to thwart the chances Messi.

There is no goal that is created throughout the 90 minutes of normal time. The final match also continues to act extra-time 2x15 minutes.

The period of extension of time seems to be a turning point for Real Madrid. In the 13th minute extra time period, a cross from Angel Di Maria successfully forwarded header from Ronaldo's hard not to be stopped Pinto.

Goals are clear rousing welcome all members of the team. At game time remaining, Madrid actually dared to open. Though often pressed Messi cs, but the counter-attack capital of children into deadly weapons.

Noisy happy on the bench when Madrid finally off the referee blew the final whistle marks the end of the Copa del Rey, although a few minutes before Di Maria received a red card. Madrid officially confirmed the first title this season, as well as the title of the 18th Copa del Rey.

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